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  • Can I book a slot for any of the gym fitness classes?
    Yes, all our group classes are taking place at our facility, are you already loaded on itensity. You can book any class you would like, and as much as you wish, using your itensity app.
  • Will you keep my belonings if I forget them in the gym?
    Absolutely yes! All belonings left behind by our client are signed into lost and found register. Valuable items (e.g. jewellery and wallets) are safeguarded in our safe at Ipic Active. Ipic Active does however not accept any responsibillity or liabillity for any items left or forgotten at our premisis after gym sessions.
  • Do I get discounted memberships if I am on medical aid?
    Yes, Please contact our sales team.
  • Can I earn reward points through medical aid if I train at Ipic Active?
    Yes, we have both a Discovery, as well as a Momentum login in device. You simply enter the information required and your points will be logged.
  • Is the gym closed at any times during the year?
    Yes, we do close on certain public holidays, however we will give our members sufficient notice beforehand, but this will not happen too often.
  • Do I need to do an assessment when I join the gym?
    The fitness team offer free assessment for all joining members, however is not compulsory, it's just a service we like to make available for use in order to keep our members motivated with their fitness goals and for them to understand where their fitness levels and fitness concerns are.
  • Will someone be able to show me how to use the equipment?
    Absolutely yes! We have very competent and qualified fitness staff appointment to help you and if you ever have any questions or requests, please make use of our fitness staff.
  • Do I need to bring a water bottle and sweat towel to the gym with me?
    This is not compulsory, but preferably yes. We also provide water via our water fountains. We also have disinfectant cloths available in the facility for use.
  • Do you have a crossfit section in the gym?
    No, we do not host crossfit in our facility, although we do have a functional area where you can do pull ups, skipping, utilise our air runner, ski-erg, kettlebells and many more functional equipment.
  • Do I need to wear shoes in the gym?
    Yes, shoes are a health and safety regulation. It protects your feet from heavy equipment if it falls on you or if someone steps on your foot by accident. We do take into account that some individuals prefer doing certain exercises without shoes to improvetheis form. This is no problem, you are more than welcome to take your shoes off and after performing your exercise, you can put them back on.Just take note that this is not allowed in the cardio section and Ipic Active cannot be held liable for any injury originating from your decision.
  • Can I bring my children to the gym while I exercise?
    We have an amazing play area of children, co-located and right next to the gym (same reception area), that has a dual membership with thw gym. If children wish to participate in the gym area, they must be 13 years or older and they will be limited to the cardio area only. Frome 16 years old, they may gain access to the rest of the facility.
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