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We have various state of the art cardio equipment
ranging from treadmills to rowing machines all of which are linked to internet enabling our clients to access news, Netflix, DSTV and more while you workout


Our strength area gives you access to the latest equipment. It includes a lifting platform with Olympic bars , power rack, dumbbells with a variety from 2.5kg up till 50kg. We also have a variety of SportsArt selectorized equipment includes cable machines.


The circuit area contains 10 different types of equipment that targets different muscle groups, giving you a full body workout.

Functional Area

This area is a combination of cardiovascular based equipment, as well as strength based equipment and body weight equipment. This enables you to focus on different components within your session.

Aqua (water) Aerobics

We have a heated swimming pool with provided pool equipment that can be used for training and playing. Our members are welcome to join our pool aerobic classes that we offer.
Pilates Work Out


Our indoor studio has a variety of different classes that is offered free to our members e.g Pilates, Step, Zumba, Full body strength and many more. Members are welcome to use the studio for private use if there is no class scheduled

Training Area

This area consist of station based classes, instructed by our qualified fitness instructors. Members are welcome to use the training arena for private use if there is no classes scheduled.

Cycling Studio

We provide our members with the latest indoor cycling equipment – stage flights. The cycling equipment is unique from the usual, as it allows you to keep track of your performance in terms of your WATT and power output, as well as viewing your improvement over time. All info regarding your workout is displayed on a wall projected screen.
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