Boxing Gloves


A cardiovascular driven workout for a full hour duration. The exercises varies between boxing drills, skipping, footwork drills and abdominal strengthening. This class is perfect for individuals looking to increase their fitness, strengthen their functional fitness elements and get lean.

Aqua Aerobics

This is a low impact water-based class taking place in our heated swimming pool for a duration of 45 minutes. It is focused  on aerobic endurance and resistance training. This form of training is excellent for increasing flexibility, increasing cardiovascular endurance, gaining as well as maintaining muscle mass. Benefits definitely include a low risk of injury, minimal impact on joints and excellent for rehabilitation.
Tropical Vacation


3D fit is a 1 hour functional class. In this class we focus on teaching the body how to move effectively through pulling, pushing, jumping, twisting, strength and cardio based movements. It promises to always bring something new to the table and is excellent for gaining muscle mass, improving mobility, getting the heart rate pumping and burning loads of calories. You can also expect upskilling in weight lifting (such as deadlifts and squats) and improving body weight movements where you are taught   to work your way up to doing a pull up or a push up. This class is made for everybody and anybody of all fitness levels.

High Intensity Interval Training

Have some fun with our high intensity interval training. This is a 30 minute, physically demanding class.  The exercises are done for short time periods at a high intensity level to get your heart rate up. This class is perfect for anyone looking to improve their anaerobic fitness levels, burn tons of calories and have a short and effective training session. Classes will vary between body weight movements and strength based movements
Kettlebell Workout
Spinning Class

Power pedal 

A cardiovascular based class taking place in our cycling studio. Our class times vary between 45 min and 2 hours. This class is perfect for cyclists looking to supplement their outdoor training or for any ondividual trying to improve their aerobic fit ess overall.

WATT cycling

A cardiovascular based class that lasts up to 45 minutes. This is a cycling class where our instructor will guide you using a WATT reading. This reading is indivualised for each member of the class to ensure that the correct fitness intensity is carried over to each participant in the class. This form of cycling is perfect for endurance athletes and competitive cyclists. You can expect a definite increase in aerobic - and anaerobic fitness and an increase in muscle strength.
Yoga Class


Consisting out of low-impact movements that improves flexibility and muscular endurance. Pilates supports postural alingment, core strength and muscle balance.


This class improves flexibility and muscle endurance. It is a low impact class that helps calm your body and minimise stress while synchronising your breathing with your body movement. You can expect incredible improvement in your flexibility and this class is perfect if you find yourself always in a rush and tensed up.
Warrior One

High Intensity Interval Training & Flex

A class designed solely for Ipic Active and no other fitness facility. This class is a 1 hour class that is split between a 30 minute high intensity interval training session and  30 minute flexibility and relaxation class. For the first 30 minutes you will work at a high physical demand to increase overall cardiovascular and strength components while burning tons of calories.  The last 30 minutes of the training session is focused on improving flexibility to allow you to leave the class feeling totally relaxed. This class is perfect for anyone looking to increase any component of fitness from cardiovascular to balance, agility and muscular strength.

Body Shred

Body Shred is a 1 hour full body class presented by our in-house personal trainer. This class involves all muscle groups and includes weight training, functional movements and body weight training. It’s a perfect fit for individuals looking to increase muscle mass and strength, or to lean out and burn calories. This class is also highly recommended for beginners to establish a good understanding on how to perform exercise movements correctly.
body shred.jpg